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Bus Routes

Bus registration for 2024-2025 is open from May 6 through June 1

It's time to register for the bus for the next school year! It's important to take the time to do this now, so that our team has time to create the best possible routes. Log into your Aspen account at and click on Start a New Bus Verification. 

The form will ask:

  • Please check ONE of these two boxes below regarding bus routes:
    • Check this box if you plan to ride on a bus regularly
    • Check this box if you DO NOT wish to be on a bus route
  • Please verify your current street address or provide an updated address.

See below for screenshots of the process. Please note that you must complete a separate form for each student.

Step 1:

Aspen bus verificationStep 2:

Aspen bus verification

Submitting this information now will help us make sure we have the right number of buses, on the right routes, with the right stops! There is no need to sign up for the bus just in case, if you don’t think you’ll need it. If circumstances change, your student can always be added later.

Please submit your responses as soon as possible, and no later than June 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Monomoy Transportation Coordinator Faith Rushnak at or (617) 848 0568.

Bus registration for 2024-2025 open from May 6-June 1


To locate your student's bus number, log into Aspen, click on Family, select the student, and click on the Bus Info tab. Students are also able to see the information in their Aspen portal by clicking on the Bus Info tab. 

MRSD 2023-2024 Bus Routes

We understand that the timing of both bus pickup and drop-off are important to families and our entire team works hard to meet those schedules while keeping students safe on the road. However, please remember that bus times are an approximation, at the mercy of traffic, roadwork, weather, and the speed of student boarding and unloading. It’s wise to expect a window of time for the bus and we respectfully ask that students and parents be at a stop 10 minutes in advance of the pick up and drop off time. 

Especially in the first two weeks, a bus may be as much 15 minutes early or late as drivers learn routes and our youngest students learn how to ride the bus. Please do not call the transportation office reporting early or late pick up and drop off for the first two weeks, but do call if the bus never arrives to pick up your child.

In the event of occurrences such as bus breakdown, accident, etc., that will cause the bus to be very late, that information will be communicated to parents/caregivers.

If you have any questions regarding bus routes, schedules, or stops, please contact MRSD Transportation Coordinator Faith Rushnak at (617) 848-0568 or

School choice families can request a community bus stop by completing the form here. You will be notified when your child is placed on a route, approximately 3 weeks after the start of school.

Smiling student in School Bus balloon
Faith Rushnak

Faith Rushnak

Transportation Coordinator, Administrative Assistant
Central Office

Changes must be submitted via the Bus Request/Change Form

For the first two weeks of school, no changes will be made as drivers get acclimated to their routes. After September 19, changes will take no more than two weeks to complete and you will receive confirmation of the change when it occurs.

Printable PDFs of Bus Routes

Updated 1/2/24